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benjoe polycounter lvl 3
Hey guys!
I'm working on a violin prop. I'm done with the High poly and the low poly so far and made the first attempt on baking it. Here are some screenshots. Any thoughts?


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis hero character
    It looks good! One major issue I see is where you're merging all the edges to a single point in multiple places. Violins have curves in those areas and the way you have the topology will make those areas flat. You could have just had the edges span from side to side without merging them all to the one point, and it wouldn't have used very many more polys. I made a violin a while back, check out my edge flow;

    Mind you, this is rather high poly, but the violin would have a much nicer silhouette and curve to it, compared to if I just merged everything to the center.
  • HixaLupa
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    HixaLupa triangle
    Yeah, plus having long thing triangles can cause shading issues. The front and back of violins is bellowed out, it's not flat. However I understand at this stage it's a pain in the ass to make large changes so here's the geometry I put on the flat back parts of my violin. I went all out with internal parts before realising there's no point wasting texture space and geo just for physical accuracy lmao!

    THe left being the top, hope this might help!
  • benjoe
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    benjoe polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks for the tip guys! I baked with my topology and the normal map is taking care of the curved shading. As the edge in the middle is keeping the curve, when you look at the model from the side it is still holding up. Is that what you guys meant?

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