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(2D) Concept Art - Character Design


We are looking for concept artists to design different sets of characters for an upcoming project soon to be released. These designs will be used for future references of 3D modeling assets.

We're looking for artists who are professional/experienced in science fiction character and mechanical creature design.

Our vision and quality for these designs are in demand of high quality production concepts that are rendered as the examples below.

With the high quality images shown above, the artist will be compensated above the industry level pay if our criterias are met. Prices can be negotiated.

And if we see that your ability to produce our concepts and ideas are fulfilled, we will consider you for future upcoming projects.

REQUIREMENTS before emailing.
- If you have an artstation account, please email us your artstation url. This will be considered as your portfolio.
- If you do not have an artstation, please email us in one of the following, a portfolio attachment through email, personal website url, or other art accounts.

Email: [email protected]

Thank you.
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