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Hey guys, so recently I have been modeling a weapon, and I've come down to the unwrapping part, however, I'm having an hard time with artifacts that seem to be created because of bad low poly smoothing.
I have tried countering that with aditional loops around demaning areas, but somehow I am still no getting over them. Any possible suggestions are very much apprectiated.
Things I've tried:
-Exporting as FBX
-Exporting as OBJ
-Exporting triangulated mesh 
-Removing the aditional loop around sensible edges
-Baking in Substance Painter
-Changing the normal map to 16Bit

I'm running out of ideas now.


  • EarthQuake
    If you're baking in Substance, be sure to set the tangent space to Xn/Mikk in the object properties.

    Also, you should absolutely not add loops, bake, and then remove loops - this will cause a discrepancy with the mesh and baked normal map that will cause shading errors.
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