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Hello guys, we are working on an android game for last few months, basically a  drone racing sort of game which is almost 80% done, sound and 2d art are lacking and so we are looking for 2D artists here to help us finish it off, currently we are a team of 3 people (1 programmer, and two 3d artists)

You will be
1. Designing UI elements
2. Indulge in creative promotion of game
3. Work on menu art style and various other important part of the game and its other aspects

Some background about the game : Click here to watch old video (very-very old, we will be releasing new updated video soon as trailer)

If you are interested in getting to know more about this project, or willing to collaborate then we request you to please do send us a message on our facebook page, we may not be able to reply here because this post has been posted on various other forums and so it may not be possible to check replies on each website.

Note that you won't have to spend any money in publicity of the game, The team lead will handle it, we are looking forward to establish Bugless-Bytes as a well-established company and so it is important for us to grow our knowledge and fan-base first rather than focusing on generating revenue at this stage.

The two 3D Artists we found here for collaboration are still with us after 6 months and together they build entire 3D stuff for this game. We hope you will like the team just as these guys. :)


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