[UE4] Havana Courtyard - Assassin's Creed Fan Art [WIP]


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My latest environment is going to be the courtyard of the Assassin's Headquarters in Havana. This is going to be based off of the Assassin's Creed series, more specifically the Black Flag and Revelation. In AC: Revelations there is an amazing underground headquarters and the Assassin's aren't as small as they are in Black Flag. So I thought it would be cool to try and create what I think a courtyard for their Havana Headquarters would look like. I'm not going to be creating an entire headquarters, like the interior rooms because that would make this a much bigger project than what I am looking for. I am just doing a courtyard.
Here is my block out with bsps from Unreal and Arches made in 3DS Max. All of my reference is coming from Images of actual courtyards in Havana and screenshots from Black Flag.

The giant cylinder shape is center of the courtyard is the size of the Assassin symbol is going to be. It wont be sticking out of the ground like the cylinder is now. I want it to be a stone mosaic pattern made out of stone bricks. I plan on really pushing the Assassin theme by having the 3 tenets on the back wall with the fountain and having their symbol in a lot of places 

Any Feedback and critiques would be welcome!


  • 3Dmendez
    Finished The Blockout!!!
    I finally found the time to finish my block out and replace all my bsp with static meshes. The mesh's don't have all the detail added to them, like doors, windows, window bars, etc. But everything is the width, length, height, and thickness I am going to need. I can now focus more on the doors and windows. I'm thinking of having two variations of the doors and windows for the top and bottom floor. The only thing I haven't blocked in is the vegetation. like the ivy on the trellis or the bushes, I don't think I will work on the vegetation, or props(lanterns, flower pots, benches, etc) Until I have at least finished the structural pieces. 
    Some thing cool I also thought I would do with the lighting is show it at day and night time. That later down the road of course but its something I think I will keep in mind. Another thing I am thinking of adding is a sync point for the leap of faith at the top of the back wall.being depicted but a wooden jump point.
    As Always Feedback and critiques are welcome.
  • 3Dmendez
    I haven't made as much progress as I hoped these past few weeks since my last update. But this week I am picking up the pace and getting things done. I was able to replace a lot of the blackouts with more detailed meshes. I think I am going to wait to do the vegetation last, and model all the structures/objects first. I still have a lot of work to do on the models still. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I can finish all the modeling and sculpting soon so I can move on to the textures and materials.

    Here is what the fountain looks like in Max. I don't know what I should do for the high res of this mesh. I can sculpt the stone detail in zbrush, It will take longer to do but will probably look better in the bake. But I can also add the stone texture in substance painter and be able to change it whenever. Thing is I don't know what will look better.

  • 3Dmendez
    Finally working on the materials for the scene. I decided To use the foliage paint brush in unreal to create the wall ivy.instead of placing it all by hand. I  modeled in the doors and windows. and also placed the geometry for the water spouts and the the palm tree leaves cards. I added the trims to the bottoms of the walls, doors, and windows. I decided to put in pillars to fill in the emptiness on the walls.I can say without a doubt, that foliage is my kryptonite. I know how to create the cards and how to set up the alpha mask. But when it comes to making a tree look organic and not look obvious that is man made, or creating bushes, I struggle. I am going to push to create all my materials, and to be finished by next Sunday with the materials. Then all I will have left is the lighting, and learning how to make the water for the water fountain and water spouts.
    I am hoping to finish this project before December. Mainly because its been off and on with this project. And I did not think it would take this long to get this done. 

    I am very happy that I got probably the hardest texture started. I used Clark Coots Quick tips to make the shape of the logo. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lkkyn Without this, I would have definitely had a hard time creating it. I do plan on adding a lot more details, like height variation and other things. I do plan on getting most, if not all, my foliage textures from textures.com. 
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