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Orr_Malus triangle

I always thought the cell-shaded look on 3D art and animation looked like crap. I never understood what the point of that shader was. Then Guilty Gear Xrd came out which proved you can successfully create the 2D illusion using 3D models. Needless to say that blew my mind and from a 2D artist I evolved to a 3D one. Now I'm trying to mimic that style with the purpose of successfully tricking the eye into seeing a 2D image not a 3D one.

The image above is the level I'm at now. I don't want to mimic the anime look, I want to see if it's possible to achieve the same results but with a more western style of drawing. Not a lot of people are interested in this particular topic so I'm dying to know what you guys think and what your critiques are.


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