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Hey polycount crew,

Startin' up a sketchbook thread to catalog some of the stuff I'm workin' on. I imagine I'll mainly post wips of 3D projects and some sketches. The content will really run the gamut, and won't be portfolio material. I'll definitely ask for critique on specific posts when I'm looking for it, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I received some on the others, so you don't gotta be shy. Thanks for checking it out!


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    Currently working on this concept, "Haywire" by Elijah McNeal. I've got a handful of bits to add, but my gameplan is to wrap up most of the high poly here in max, and then send it to zbrush for a couple details like the tape, weld, etc...

    I've also been trying to get back into drawing more often, and I was feelin' inspired seeing folks on twitter making slasher characters, so I made this masked freak over here.

  • NoShape
    WHEW, it has been a *minute* since I've updated this! Gonna attempt to be more diligent in updating this in the new year

    • These are a bunch of "low poly" pokemon models I made over the course of a couple months on twitter. Whipped 'em up real quick nearly every Monday from Like, July to November? Anyways, I slapped all of em together here, but you can see the individual posts here

    • Made a new profile pic since i was getting tired of my old low poly one that I rocked for like two or three years. I dig it!

    • a lil' doomslayer, modeled after this daily I drew nearly three years ago. Cut down on some detail to produce this little dude

  • NoShape
    *WOW* - I am terrible at keeping this updated, but, in all fairness, I've been busy lately since I started at one of my first real 3D jobs! Been chipping away at some stuff, but generally my output lately has been pretty nill. Trying to get back on the wagon though, so might as well post some of my more "recent" stuff

    • played with the quad remesher in max, made a lil' snom 

    • Was pumped up for Animal Crossing, made myself as a villager. I accidentally cloned the eyes and moved 'em up, and I had Evangelion on the brain, and that's about as best as I can describe why this went where it did

    • I don't typically do graphic design or anything, and maybe that's apparent, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Modeled out the helmet pretty quickly as well, so this was a moment where I noticed I leveled up, if even just a little bit.

     I have a whole mess of unfinished projects lying around, one of which I'm gonna try to put some more work into this week, but I think I might dump the rest and try to build something new. The Eurydice shrine project is like 60, maybe 70% of the way there, so I do want to finish that at some point, but I know that I would do things differently if I did it again. Not sure where I'm gonna land with that one... Anyways, I hope to post more material in here soon!

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