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2D Anime Artist for Character Design

polycounter lvl 4
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moliminous polycounter lvl 4
I'm looking for high-quality Anime character artist, the design with have some light mech elements on it, similar to the attached example.
For a quick example, these will be things such as partially mecha arms and legs. 
the art style should be similar too, looking very close to the style popular with manga and doujinshi. 
The piece will be two-fold, front view and 3Q back view. and will have flat colors.

Prices are negotiable but the better your art is the more I'm willing to pay, I want quality and am willing to pay for it. please link your portfolio, prices and turn around time, while it doesn't need to be done by tomorrow we would like it somewhat soonish. 
please Email us prices, and portfolios at [email protected] thanks!

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