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Alien Tile Based RTS Need 3d Artist

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Hi, me and my brother are currently working on a unique RTS game. The theme is an alien world that humans are colonizing for the rare gems and metals on it. The map is divided in hexagon territories, so its built like a board game map. You will be able to choose which company (faction) you want to be, with each having their own special abilities. This is not a base building game, you won't be building any buildings. You will have several different types of infantry units (all human), and then each terrain type will have its own alien monsters. The monsters will start out not controlled by anyone, but with a special unit you can convert them to your side. There are three types of victory, either by destroying your enemies main base, or by mining enough gems, or by collecting a majority of relics (one relic per terrain type).

There are eight different terrain types - Grass, Desert, Rock, Snow, Swamp, Forest, Mountain, and Volcano. I'm personally creating all the tiles, I will leave some screenshots of what the map looks like with them.

The game's core functionality is complete, there is still quite a bit of work to do to get it refined. We still need all our 3d art to be made.

What we need for humans - 
Monster "whisperer" (monster converter)
Hero (different one for each faction)

What we need for monsters -
Spider like creature (Grass)
Snake/Centipede like creature (Desert)
Armadillo like creature (Rock)
Yeti like creature (Snow)
Wolf like creature (Forest)
Dragon (Mountain)
Demon (Volcano)

All humans we just need the modelling and texturing done. For the monsters we also need rigging and animations. The animations that we need are - Idle, move, attack, death, and maybe a mining one.

We will give the basis for what we want the models to look like, but much of it can be up to your creativity. This is an RTS game, so we don't need super high detail mesh's.

We also need some alien plants (trees, mushrooms, ferns) a couple buildings, and maybe some other random models.

We are willing to give up 10% equity of the game for everything listed above (more stuff may be added, and compensation can be adjusted). You don't need to do all of this stuff, but the more one person can do, the better.

If your interested, message me and please link me to some of your past work. Any question I will be happy to answer as well. Thanks! :)

I will post some screenshots of what our map tiles look like -

I have more tiles, if you want to see them you can message me about it.


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