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Maya XGen Previewing Odd/Workflow Suggestions?

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travisdreams polycounter lvl 6

Long time no post! I haven't really..had the need to post in polycount's tech area for awhile as i've been doing well at problem solving on my own but...not THIS TIME >_< . So i've been going at Xgen for a good bit and i just cant seem to get a good grasp on it. The way these guides are reacting to one another is odd... the 1st bit i have concentrated hair on every guide but a fall off. On top of that i have a bit of a dip? I expect some sort of a smooth curve if its connecting the guides together of some sort but..perhaps not? The 2nd image shows the concentrated density. I have some extra curves created in the back to try and fill in this cap that's been created from using a Region Mask to split the hair. Doing so made this gap on the back so i just added more curves....I'm getting used to the workflow, modifiers, usages of CVs, Rebuilding Guides, etc. But getting such a clean result like everyone just hasn't been happening :O So i figured i'd post here while i'm still going at it. Any feedback? More/Less guides? Any help is much appreciated!


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