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Diorama scene - Environment art practice

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Hi, my name is Gastón and this is my first post here. I am an archviz artist but my real passion is game art, particularly environment art. I do this stuff for fun but I take it seriously trying to be as close as possible to what an actual game project would be. So, since I want to get good at this I am here looking for the most honest, harshest feedback I can get from people like you guys, the pros!. Anyways, I would love to work doing this stuff someday.
These assets were created in Blender and those lowpoly meshes were brought into Zbrush, the baked and painted in Substance Painter. I didn't use trimsheets for this environment because there weren't many assets involved and I wanted to practice some Painter stuff.
Final images and animation were rendered in eevee.
Again, would love to hear some critique about this one so I can keep improving. Thank you!

Link to the video:


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    The sci-fi floor paneling looks out of place. The sphere in the temple looks like some alien tech that may have been placed there after being discovered by an ancient civilization or something, but the metal floor...I just can't picture any scenario where that would be there. The flags indicate that some recent civilization is using the old temple, but can't picture what they would have added the chains for (maybe to cuff a prisoner s hands so they had to stay near the machine when it went off?).
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    Thank you for your feedback. Now that I see this after a couple of days I have to agree with you. Originally, the idea came from some sort of stargate thing where all this stuff was placed on this very particular spot. Anyhow it is clearly not working. As for the rest of the things you mention I guess I could add more props to the scene to help tell the story behind. Again, thank you. I will post an update if I manage to improve this.
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