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Just started my journey into Zbrush! Haven't had a chance to learn it in school so I'm finally learning it in my free time. My goal is to become a character artist so please leave critiques and comments. Here is my progress so far after 2-3 months. These sculpt are in chronological order

My first head sculpt

Demon head following Madeleine Scott-Spencer's tutorial

Another sculpt following Madeleine's tutorial

Learning hard surface and live booleans

First personal sculpt to apply what I've learned so far

Skull sculpt from spencer human skull reference inside of ZBrush's lightbox

Starting to learn anatomy (Torso sculpt)

First full-body sculpt 
Hands & feet

Final results following Rafael Grasseti's anatomy workshop

I think I'm ready to start my own character so that's what I'll be doing next!

Thanks for passing by! 


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