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3D fanmade animation video

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Jadav node

we are looking for freelancer who can help in creating our fanmade 3d animation video.Here are the list of details for this video.

works needs to be done
5.Final Output

we need only a single freelancer or a freelancer working with team as there won't be any seperate works only the freelancer with team who contacts will do everything mentioned above.

quality of the rendering will be something similar to this sample

and most importantly payment for this 3d animation video fanmade won't be divided into 3 parts.Payment will be divided at monthly total cost for the freelancers work.for example.

1.If cost $1000 then $300 each month
2.If cost $1500 then $300 each month
3.If cost $2000 then $400 each month

the payment procedure will be followed by this as at once 50% advance won't be given to any freelancer.SO if freelancer agree to follow this payment procedure then please contact otherwise they must not contact.

we have the scripts and sketches of the characters for the part 1 of the 3d animations for the video project.Every episode will be divided into parts for example

1.Part 1 of episode 1
2.Part 2 of episode 1
3.Part  3 of episode 1
4.Part 4 of episode 1
5.Part 5 of episode 1

this way each episode will be divided into several parts but budget will be different not same for every part.It will depend upon the work the freelancers must do.

contact [email protected]

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