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[WIP] Procedural Environment - Houdini, UE4

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srivignesh polycounter lvl 10
Hi All,
Here i am posting the WIP of the Environment i am working on. Still It's in the very early stage, Started with just the Barrack (Procedural modeling, Procedural UVs and Vertex paint too).
Planning to do Procedural Terrain, electric post, fence, foliage and lot of Procedural Set Dressing/Propping. Everything Procedural Except some props i want to do the traditional method. Hope you like it.

p.s: All textures are placeholder, in fact some are directly from the substance share. And also testing with simple dynamic lighting. Future i will do proper Procedural light mapping or Ray tracing.



  • Carabiner
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    Carabiner greentooth
    This is super cool. Can you talk a little bit how it's procedural -- like, what techniques are you using, how could you adjust things if you wanted to (assuming you could?), how it might be used to make more variations?
  • srivignesh
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    srivignesh polycounter lvl 10
    @Carabiner : Thanks and will list what are the things are procedural. Currently its a simple WW2 style barrack with width and height as a base and will do complex building variation in future.
    • All the wood edges, windows glass breaks are procedurally generated.
    • Placement of beds and tables.
    • support beams for the roofs are flexible.
    • If the building goes above 4 meter then it will generate the storage area and respective ladders.
    • Gutter pipe will be scaled  according to the building height.
    For more. Please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdCxkOZUq7A.

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