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Intro :

I’m 16 years old and I’ve been practicing drawing for the past 2 years, but more seriously for the past year and a half everyday. Right now, my main focus is learning anatomy, perspective, form, and taking my first steps into digital and on the side I’m trying to build up my visual library (because it’s really an empty bookshelf) and attempting to draw from imagination when I can. I want to be in the art industry in the future, so critiques and comments are welcomed : ).

I posted on conceptart for the past 2 years almost everyday , but it’s been down for the past two weeks and I doubt it coming back : (. I’ll try to post whenever I can on this forum though like I did with ca : ). Also, I don't think I really belong here because everyone on this forum seems to be at a higher skill level and works with 3d stuff lol.

Here’s some progress shots from the past two years:
May/June 2017 - just dove right in and started to draw

July-August 2017 - did my first istebrak 14 day challenge (day 1 and 14), but didn't take drawing seriously because I was too busy playing league

September 2017 - A one trick portrait front view pony, still wasn't drawing a lot

January 2018 - I started take drawing more seriously and started to post everything I did on the concept art forum. Also started to study anatomy from proko. The portrait is a fanart of Kuroo from Haikyuu for a friend's present.

June 2018 - redraw of the first picture and two different versions of a friend’s character.

August 2018 - An attempt at a 3/4 view, before and around this time I was doing the 250 box challenge thing and straight lines, pretty much wasted most of my drawing time learning almost nothing that year.. boring and disappointing

September 2018 - Redraw of my Zoro portrait from last year. I was really proud of this on :, ). I think this is around the time where I got even more invested into art. Started to draw everyday and not just lines and boxes.

November 2018 - Did a self portrait from the mirror for self portrait day. This took so long over a few days and it's very inaccurate : ^).

January 2019 - I started to pay a little more attention to form and I started to learn how to learn better. Also, I think I picked up Scott Robertson's How to Draw book around here.

April 2019 - Started to be a creep and bring a small sketchbook wherever I even, even school. Started to draw moving people the best I could in under 10 minutes. The sword girl is a Mulan fanart for a weekly topic sketch thing. Also did another self portrait and I only took one hour and it's much better.

May 2019 - A few more sketches of other students and I was picking up the pace with perspective drawing from the book. I didn't really make much finished drawings.

June 2018 - more sketches of people before I stay home for summer break and a birthday present for a friend. It was from a scene from a show called Killing Eve. Couldn't find the ref for it online :/. I made a schedule for myself to follow for my whole, so I could get the most out of my day during the summer : ^).

July 2019 - Tried to apply everything I learned from Scott Robertson's book and tried to make a spaceship, but I don't know how to draw a spaceship. Also did a fanart of Tanjiro from Demon Slayer and started doing some digital art. I made a schedule for myself to follow, so I could get the most out of my day : ^).

Refs and thinking process:

A few things from last 3 days or so: Started learning digital art from a site called ctrl paint and a few studies from my computer. Also started to study Loomis's figure drawing book a few week ago.

I've been studying knights a bit recently and decided to design one : ) and I also tried to line art it, but it went terribly and was taking way too long so I quit. I can draw circles, ellipses, and straight lines just both on both media : ^) but cant get the lines I want on digital. I should draw with my shoulder more regularly.

This was from today. It was an assignment from ctrl paint and goal was to try sketching flowers in two different ways. At first it took a long time and didn't go well, but as I went on it looked better and I was much quicker.

Gonna start posting daily tomorrow, hope you guys enjoy my stuff : ).


  • Zaulta
    I was tired of doing Loomis, so today I just sketched some things that I liked. I've always wanted to learn how to draw guns and here's my start : ). I also finished watching all of ctrl paint's first section on digital painting and I learned a ton just from that first section. I wasn't comfy with the vector tools when I was doing the line art for the knight, but I'll try again this weekend with digital tools to help.

  • Zaulta
    I've been following my art schedule for the past few weeks with close to no interruptions and I feel extremely exhausted. During the summer, I have 2 different times when I draw, usual 5-7 hours total, and on top of that I workout for 5 days a week for 1.5 hours. I could be much more time efficient and high quality, so tomorrow I'm taking a break, but I'll draw if I want to. I'll likely finish the 3/4 gun and try doing some environments.

    I have a lot of trouble drawing poses from my imagination : ). Also, the spatula thing took me over 2 hours, while the instructor in the video took only 5 minutes in the video : ^). Spatula isn't even accurate to the ref, but it still looks like one.

    messy right now

  • Zaulta
    I finished the pistol sketch on my day off yesterday.

    i was busy all afternoon today. I practiced some perspective by doing a photo study of my grandma's garden and I retried the spatula assignment. My goal was to finish at least 30 minutes quicker and be more accurate with the picture. I finished 40 minutes earlier than I did last time and the picture is more accurate to the reference imo, so I'm pretty happy with that : ).

    I kinda want to start trying to do environments. For the perspective thing today my first grid was really off, so I think I need to draw more to get a better sense of the vanishing points of the things I'm looking at. Now that I look at them side by side the picture I drew is too chubby : (.

    Handle is in wrong perspective/angle.

  • Zaulta
    Did all digital today and I'm pretty happy with what I did today. I pretty much tried out different ways of transitioning from line art to a finished thing and I found one I like better. I had some extra time towards the end, so I sketched up a portrait from imagination and I'm gonna try to render it tomorrow : ).

    Progress snaps:

  • Zaulta
    Rally hate the  thing I painted :/ and gave up after rendering for a long time. I think I was really sloppy when make the whole thing and it lacks so much structure. Maybe I used the soft airbrush way too much, I thought look for new brushes and I messed up the perspective of the face because I was being too tedious.  You cant really see the planes i made before, but I guess that just means I have to practice more : ).

    Tomorrow, I'll look at more ctrl vids and youtube vids on digital and start drawing some environments.

    Progress shots: they were taken on my phone and sent to my friends, sorry for the ass quality : )

  • critiquemyjunk
    Hey I remember seeing your posts on earlier this year. Good to see your still at it and improving. Nice work, keep that fire burning. 
  • Zaulta
    Thanks : ). Nice to see someone from the old forum and I'll do my best < 3.

    I was really tired in the afternoon, so I watch a really long video on environment fundamentals by Noah Bradley and learned so much from it. Gonna try to practice making some tomorrow. After I posted yesterday I took notes on brushes for beginners from Sinix and I'm gonna ban myself from using the soft airbrush for a long while.

    Today, tried to apply the things from sinix's video (shapes and hard brush) and tomorrow I'm gonna try using the opacity brush.

    Refs: I was drawing from Mark Simon's Facial Expressions book
  • Zaulta
    Didn't upload yesterday cause I was having a lot of computer problems and it was making me very angry : ^). Tried doing thee practice from Noah Bradley's notes and finished that practice.

    i dont think I finished this one yesterday.

    I choose the worst base color for the skin lol and it made it a lot harder for me lol. I think I could've done better with showing form, especially where the creases around the nose/cheeks, but I think I did good with the lighting.
    Today I was busy in the afternoon, but got a little done. Did environments in the afternoon and at night I learning from videos on how to make custom brushes and did a sketch of someone for tomorrow. I've always seen more experience people paint with custom brushes, so I thought it was good to move away from the default ones : ).

    New brush I made : ) and I'm gonna try to use this as my 'universal brush when I try to render things.

  • Zaulta
    Today I spent my drawing time cleaning my room, to sure I'm happy with my working space. Tomorrow I'm leaving on a trip early for two, so I'm resting early. Hopefully the trip will help me work better when I come back : ), but I'll draw stuff if I feel like it or if I see something nice.

    At first I was blaming the brush for making the painting bad : ^), but I really just don't know how to paint yet. I think I should go back to working in gray scale, learn how to blend and smooth things out, and go back to ctrl paint.

  • Zaulta
    Here's the stuff from my trip. I don't really like them in general : ^).

    I didn't really know what to do today, so I did a portrait from imagination and one from reference and a still life on digital.

    Now that I see it side by side, her hair on the upper left should be more poofy.

  • Zaulta
    Learned a lot on digital today : ). In the afternoon, I did some practices for ctrl paint and watched some of his videos on blending. I thought most people only blended with the color picker and a hard brush, but I was wrong : ).

    I thought I should try to blend out the pikachu I did yesterday and I think it's not terrible, but could be better.

    Not at the same angle I was drawing it irl, but I thought you guys should see the object

    I thought I should learn how other people do their process while they're painting, so I watched some speed paint videos and for the most part it's somewhat similar.

    I had some extra time after, so I started a photo study I'm gonna try to render tomorrow. I was trying to sketch the was sinix was doing it, but I like the pencil tool much better : ^).

  • Zaulta
    Spent all of my art time trying to render out the sketch from yesterday. I was feeling good about it until my computer shut down about three hours in and I lost an hour or two of work : ^). I spent about 6 hours  on this and it's going really slowly and I think it's because I'm too critical and indecisive : ^). Gonna try to finish this tomorrow and try to be more decisive and less nit picky : ).

    Progress after I lost an hour of work.

  • Zaulta
    I finished the study today : ^). I think I spent about 3ish hours on it today, so in total took 9? hours. I don't think it's terrible for my first time really rendering at least, but I still see a lot of things I don't really like about it.

    Progress snap

  • Zaulta
    Didn't do much today.. I need to change my schedule because I have to summer reading which I haven't been doing and study for the SAT : ^). I won't lose that much time for drawing, but I'll be more tired and stressed out from the tight schedule.

    I tried doing a character design and I traced it in the program. It's pretty messy and I don't like the face, but the design's fine I guess. Took me a while and it's pretty much a combination of what I've drawn in the past. Looks like I need to draw more things. I also need to learn how to do feet and hands better : (. 

  • Zaulta
    Didn't really know what to do today. I think this self portrait is better than the last one, but probably because I spent more time on it lol. It's also pretty creepy imo since staring right at you in front view.

    I wanna learn how to draw and design clothes and stuff also, so just drew some anime characters with a little touch of mine : ^). Would've done more, but I was pretty tired already.

  • Zaulta
    People were over my house today, so couldn't do art stuff for a bit. I tried thinking of some environments and scenes today, but they all sucked : ^). Also went back to the perspective book to try to learn more. Next week I'm gonna try to focus more on learning about environments and such. 

    This took me a long time just decided what to do : ^). I'm fine drawing faces from imagination, so I guess I need to expand my visual library more for environments to be comfy with them.

  • Zaulta
    I was really tired today. Just did a photostudy of an environment, notes on composition, and a half assed tree : ^).

    Could've made the foreground darker, clouds slightly lighter, and done the mid ground more accurately. I didn't know how to do the mist on the foreground at all.

    Learned a lot on composition from a video, but it's a lot to take in at once lol.

    I have no clue on how to start painting trees. I've tried doing trees before, but I think they're really complicated. Instead, I'll start learning how to paint/draw rocks and mountains tomorrow.

  • Zaulta
    I was really tired towards night time, so I didn't want to force myself. I still did some things though.

    I went into my brother's room and sketched from observation. It took over two hours and I had to hurry before he came home lol, so I wasn't paying attention to line cleanness. I'm pretty happy with it since I tried sketching my room from a photo a month or two ago and it messed up with accuracy a lot unlike this one. It also looks a lot like the pano option on the iphone : ).

    I was suppose to paint rocks today, but I'll spend a lot of time on it tomorrow. The video tutorial I was watching made rocks seem pretty easy.

  • Zaulta
    Not really happy with today and painting and painting rocks are really hard : ^). I don't know what I'm doing and the paintings and sketches take a long time. I'll try to watch a little more videos on hwo to paint rocks @[email protected].

  • Zaulta

    Tried drawing my room, but wasted my time and failed from the beginning because I got my proportion with the bed frame wrong and didn't really have a good base for measuring I think.
    Notes after quitting my room.

    My computer shut off and I lost a rock that I was liking : ^). These ones are a lot better than yesterdays. I should try to get better varying things to look more natural.

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