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Marmoset Viewer issue ( Model not displaying the same as in Toolbag viewport )

whenever i export the viewer and put it up on artstation it never looks the same no matterwhat i do , im at a loss tbh, feels like i tried everything, ill post screenshots of the problem so you can see what i mean, it feels oversaturated or something, Bloom post effect seems to be too strong too and model is darker in certain areas where it shouldn't be please help. 


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    Hello @Uchiha_144

    I would check to see that all the features you are using in Toolbag's Viewport are supported in Viewer. There is an Alerts section in Viewer Export that helps point these out and further information can be found on our Viewer Support page here: https://marmoset.co/support/?page=viewer.

    I'm noticing that the sword isn't facing the same direction in each screenshot which has me believing that the lighting is in a different position/rotation from Viewport to Viewer and/or the camera has orbited around the model thus changing the the lighting angle as well. Let me know if that is the case of if you have any further info. You an always send us a file for review to: support@marmoset.co just be sure to do a File > Export > Scene Bundle and export into a project folder that can be zipped and shared.
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