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3dcoat... Colors disappear around the UV seam.

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hey i'm new in 3d coat

I experienced problems when painting. Colors disappear around the UV seam.
any suggestion?


  • starcow
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    starcow Polycount Sponsor
    Yes, I have a guess.
    In most cases, a texture is first filtered by most renderers (also viewport renderers) before it is mapped to the polygon surface. This is to achieve that the individual texture pixels (texels) are detected less quickly.
    This texture filter mixes the color values of the surrounding texture pixels.
    What you probably see is a mixed color between the textured background (in your case, gray) and the actual color. This is called "color bleeding".
    You have to draw a border around the UV shells (edge padding), with the same color values.
    Look here:

    I do not know 3D coat, but maybe there is an "edge padding" option ...

    Cheers, starcow
  • Laughing_Bun
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    Laughing_Bun polycounter lvl 14
    Starcow is correct, and 3dcoat has really good edge padding so when you export your textures stuff like that will be fixed. 
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