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Tips to improve to be a good Environment Artist.

feel free to add tips and comments. Even tips for portfolio presentation ...


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    Do research.

    Essential skill for all professionals. With complex skilled work like 3d, you cannot possibly know all there is to know inside your brain. It's not big enough. But you can know how to find the information you need quickly. That's the most important thing to know how to do. Don't think of yourself just as "artist." Think of yourself as a problem solver. People got problems, they need somebody who can solve them. Somebody who can research effectively, gather tons of information, and has vast experience of failure to draw sound judgement from. This is not something easily automated or outsourced for cheap.

    Here's tip: loads and loads of advice about your question already exist on this forum. use search function. also click the tab up there that says "wiki." Polycount is good place to begin research anytime you got questions like this. Don't look for fast answer, look for thorough understanding.
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