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The RenderDock team is glad to welcome you!

Our studio experts have up to 10 years of experience in CG. Today we provide a full pipeline for creating 3D projects for games & video. 
Our main specialization is the most accurate 3D reproduction of the most complex mechanisms, machines & elements of environment that require patient work with drawings & other available references. 

RenderDock studio members are professionals in the field of firearms and military equipment. In recent years, we have created more than 50 highly accurate 3D models of firearms & military vehicles that can function just like the real ones & can be fully disassembled to the very last screw. 

Knowledge in the field of equipment and weapons gives us the ability to create Concepts of military combat and civilian equipment from scratch. All of this is confirmed both theoretically and by practical study of the general concept and individual components & assemblies. 

The range of our work also includes realistic 3D visualization of individual objects & complex compositions using popular render applications. 

We are focused on high-quality work and long-term cooperation & will be glad to become your external partner.


- Low-Poly modeling

- Hi-Poly modeling (ZBrush Dynamesh or Subdiv)

- ZBrush Sculpting

- UV mapping

- Retopology

- PBR texturing

- Old-school Photoshop texturing

- Animation of weapons and different complex machinery

- Visualisation (Render)

- Personnel training (3D modeling, texturing and visualisation)

- Unity integration


[email protected] Official website with more works

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