Normal Map baking problems with Cage

Hey guys, I could really use some help here.

I've recently started working with normal maps and already spent quite some time with the whole normal map baking topic. Today I found out about cages and how to use them, but this is where my problem comes in. The edges of my low poly object (with the normal map applied) look better with the cage used, but it also somehow hides some details of the high poly mesh. When I don't use the cage the edges don't really look very polished, but all the details are noticeable.

Low Poly Mesh:

High Poly Mesh:

Low poly mesh with Normal Map applied (no cage used):

Low poly mesh with Normal Map applied (cage used):

I've tried baking both in xNormal and directly in Blender, but I get the same problem in both of them. The cage I use is just a slightly bigger version of the low poly mesh.

Thank you in advance.


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