WIP [Retrogasm] DmC 3 - Lady

Hello polycounters, I decided to take part in the Retrogasm character competition and the character I'm going to make is Lady from DmC 3!:) DmC and Contra are probably the only two games I played on non-PC devices as I was only 6 when these are popular😅.

I want to model her as how she looks like in the concept drawing, so I won't be looking at her from DmC 5 for reference.

What I want to achieve out of this project is improving my (semi-)realistic texturing, also practising my skill of modelling characters based on concepts. 

C&C would be really really appreciated! 


  • chellewwxy

    The character I'm making is Lady from DmC 3!:)

    WIP 2.

    Base body is pretty much done, might tweak the leg a bit more after putting the skirt on her. I destroyed quite a bit of muscle on her because she doesn't look that muscular on the concept (even tho I think she should as she is carrying such a big weapon).

    For next I will start making the cloth.

  • chellewwxy
    The character I'm making is Lady from DmC 3!:)
    WIP 3. C&C would be really really appreciated!
    I finished body retopo and I have been working on her face, it took me a while to make her look like her in the concept, while I think there's still something off. Would be interested to see you guys' opinion on it:)!
    I made her blouse with MD, but I then realise it would be better to just sculpt the cloth in Zbrush in this case.
    For next I will remake the cloth in Zbrush.

  • LeahM
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    Hey, looks like an interesting character. Do you have any other angles of your sculpt so far? Like front on and profile shots of the face would help for a critique 
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