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lasoob polycounter lvl 5
Current personal project I'm working on when I can. It's based on the awesome concept from S.Korean artist Hyunjoong (I'm sure you've came across some of his work).

I've blocked in all my forms and started adding secondary details here and there so thought I'd post my progress on it so far. All critiques welcome especially suggestions of what to improve upon before finishing up the high poly.



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    Marshal Banana polycounter lvl 12
    Hey, that's pretty damn good!

    I don't have much to mention in regards to the technical stuff, but there are a few minor differences from the concept- are you trying to match it exactly?

    -There are a few dangly pieces missing (On the coat bit and the mantle). I presume You'll be creating low-poly pieces from the ones you have and adding those on afterward?

    -The right elbow plate doesn't have the flare on top- I'm also presuming it'll be adjusted after you bake it down?

    -You're missing the single rivets between all of the side belt attachments near her ribcage and along the dangly bits on the jerkin.

    -The right half of the collar might be laying to flat compared to the concept- there it flares upward more, especially on the points, which gives it a more interesting silhouette

    Those are all pretty minor, though.
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