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3D Character - Templar Knight - Critique & Retopology

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Hello Forum! Here is my Textured Templar Knight, Low Poly Male made in Maya 3D then exported to Zbrush for Anatomy Detail + Armor/clothing. Hard Surface Models made in Maya 3D)Helmet, Knee Pads). 

I want to Rig my Character in Maya 3D for Animations, I was informed I must first retopologize the Character first as it is over 9 Mil Points. My Question is Do you know any good tutorial videos for retopology and should I do it in Z-brush or Maya ? 

Rendered 3D Knight - W/ Shadows

Rendered 3D Knight - Colour 

Base Human Anatomy (Please Critique!)

3D Knight w/ No Helmet Turnaround 

3D Knight w/ Helmet Turnaround 

Any Critiques or techniques are greatly welcomed. 

Thanks in Advance! 

- Sacha 
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