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Flipped Uvs for no reason or...

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Armabelico polycounter lvl 6
Hello, Im having this issue in substance painter where, after importing and painting normaly with no problems and no flipped normals, with substance painter (2018.1.1 version), I encountered this when I decided to try this Metal edge wear generator.

I was able to paint and apply materials normaly: 

This is an example of painting which produced no errors and seems like the normals are Ok. (I guess).
Looks ok while painting with no difference in color or reflexion comparing both sides...  Right?

Then I decided to try that "edge wear generator" as you can see here:


I Don't know why this happens. Is it normal? I also tryed using triplanar projection option getting the same results.
Maybe is there something wrong with my workflow?

Please I need help.

My workflow:

1. Model in 3dsMax.
2. Delete half of it, Unwrap and manually explode it.
3.Bake in Marmoset.
4.Open 3DsMax apply symetry or mirror modifiers (I tryed both).
   4.1.I also tryed to offset the mirrored Uv islands outside (as some guy in youtube suggests.
5.Open it with substance painter.

Thanks in advance guys.


  • Armabelico
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    Armabelico polycounter lvl 6
    I already solved this issue, I was using the generator in a wrong way. I needed to set a mask on the layer then apply the generator then the problem dissappeared. Well, thanks anyway and hope this helps someone who might encounter with the same problem.
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