Cyberpunk Noodle Shop Scene (UE4 wip, critiques greatly appreciated!)

Hello, first-time polycounter here!

I'm currently trying to teach myself environment art, but my output has been kind of subpar so far, wich is why i want to do it right this time around and spend more time on the blockout / composition before going into the details (and in the end hopefully have something thats up to the game industry standards).

EDIT: Current status:

Reference board:

The idea for this scene is to make a diorama of a small cyperkunk-ian scene, with the hopes that having a smaller scope would help not having this project fall apart. The result of this approach so far is this image (blockout in UE4 + quick paintover):

However, i'm not sure if having it float in empty space is a good idea, or if the impact could be bigger if i build a scene around it. Here's the approach of that so far:

What are your thoughts on that? Keep working on a diorama or going big? I'm also super thankful for feedback of any kind on how to improve this thing as a whole!


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