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Blender Texel Density?

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I've just learned about Texel Density I have no idea how to figure out the right numbers and everything. I'm working on a asset pack that already has 57 models completed all in 2K (Modeled, UV mapped, Textured, etc). Do I have fix the Texel Density on ALL the models? Will that require me to texture them again? I have them all set up in a UE4 scene they look perfectly fine to me :c
(Here are some screenshots)


  • ant1fact
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    Texel density is easiest to come up with in terms of the following ratio: pixels in your texture to 1 metre in the game world. Unreal has options to scale down textures easily, so the best thing to do is go with some big number first like 2048px / metre texel density. If you think about it, that means that your giant containers will not fit onto a single texture, and they shouldn't. Objects of such size are almost always textured with tiling materials, which are layered on top of each other (in engine) using some masks that you can generate in Substance for example.

    As for how to achieve the correct texel density values inside Blender, I found that this addon works best:
    Apparently it might be included with the default installation but I'm not 100% on that.

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    There's another plugin for that which works quite well:


    Hope this helps!
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