[Character] World of Warcraft Tauren Druid

Hey polycount!

This is my first post :smiley:

I wanted to share this Female Tauren I made whilst at Uni. It's the first character I have created and I loved the process ^^ . It is based on my in game character.
Feedback is always welcome of course! I am calling it done for now so I can move onto other projects, but I appreciate it if you point anything out to me for future reference.

Model is 20k tris with 3 x 2k texture maps. 

I sculpted the Highpoly in Zbrush and made the Lowpoly in 3dsMax. Texturing was done in 3D-Coat and Photoshop. Presented in UE4.


  • bkost
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    Not bad for your first character! There could be some optimization done with the UV topology and improvements on the texturing, but overall it's a nice model. Now you just need to get your mileage in and implement what you learned into your next character. 

    Regarding the UV's, some objects could be combined with the skin topo such as the chest/leg armor. 
    For the texturing, it's a nice hand painterly style but my eyes go all over the place when looking at the piece. It is very busy with no real color scheme going on, in particular the staff and chest piece colors.

    Good job and keep up the work, remember to get your mileage in
  • Beccy_Collins
    Thankyou for the feedback! Glad you pointed out those parts, I will definitely pay more attention those areas when making my next character. I will be making quite a few this year so I look forward to improving.
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