Hand Painted Texturing Tutorials?

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Hey guys.
 I'm mostly working in AAA realistic setting, and just to relax after work i want to finally learn how to make these juicy old-school-hand-painted textures. I searched for that topic and found that many people in older (like few years) topics suggest weapon tutorial by Tyson Murphy as the best one. Is it still a thing? I mean a lot of time passed, and maybe some new good tutorial available, + i keep hearing that people now using 3DCoat. 
 My goal is to make props mostly,  and for the environment, I'll definitely buy tutorials by Fanny Vergne.
So again, i want to know is Tyson Murphy's texture tutorial is still the best bet, are there any new ones worth buying, or should i just invest time and money in live-drawing classes? 


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    For what you want to do Murphy's tutorial is "still a thing." You noted; "old-school" hand-painting. You will quickly learn that hand-painting is a skill that takes a lot of patience and practice. You will need some customized brushes.
    This video is "old" but still applicable as well.

    Have fun, but good luck on the relaxing.

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