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[WiP] Catacombs Corridor

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Daniel_Swing ngon master
This thread is to document my progress on a small scene I'm making. The project as a whole is meant as practice in environment art and material art. I hope to speed up my pipeline and iteration process and not get stuck on details. The idea is to not follow a specific piece of concept art, but to piece together several references.

Here's a day 1 mockup of the scene:

The idea is to add skulls and skeletal appendages that hang from the ceiling and stretch out from the walls and bone splinters on the mud. A wild and more "active" variant of the Paris catacombs, like that Dark Souls skeleton ball, except it's the catacomb's walls:
I also want to add some more hard-surface props and modular assets to the scene. Like a large coffin, busted wide open. Support pillars made of rock and decorated with bones. Maybe some faint, burning candles and other small decor props as well.


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