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Hello, I'm not really sure where to put this on the forums, or if I should, but I'm trying to be a 3D modeler/artist and I'm really struggling on my portfolio. I went to school to learn modeling, and a bit of texturing, but my instructors didn't really go into detail of what makes a good portfolio and I'm freaking out. I don't really know what I'm doing. Please, if there are any professional 3D artist out there I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my portfolio (if you have the time that is) and provide some feedback on what I have so far. What am I doing right, what can I improve? If you do decide to critique my portfolio please try to be as detailed as possible in your responses, I cant to know exactly what I can do to improve my chances of getting a job.

Website: https://joshforsberg.wixsite.com/nurbs (yes, I know it's a wix site, I don't know how else to make a website)


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    To simplify the discussion going forward, if you were to be hired for a junior position, what would you want that job title to be specifically?
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    Like mentioned above, you need to find a specialization, character art, environment art, prop art etc etc and start creating quality pieces for your portfolio. To get considered for a job at a studio you need to have game ready assets. For instance, texture the Renault FT and make the tiger highpoly a bit more interesting create a lowpoly for it and texture it as well (if you fancy a job as an hard surface/vehicle artist at least).
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    Just my two cents: Guessing you're going for a prop artist position, your work could benefit a lot from better texturing and presentation. You already have clean meshes and good looking high poly models, so gathering more references and working on the textures of your models will give them much more appeal in your portfolio. Try to not have any unfinished pieces, or at least fewer, right now 50% of your portfolio is highpoly models or untextured assets. As Panda said, you need to figure out what kind of position you're looking for, then you can see the quality bar for juniors and try to match that level. This thread will help you with that.

    PD: you don't need a wix site if you already have an artstation. AS is much more industry oriented and has the same features imo.
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    So the three last pieces and the first tank are the strongest models in your portfolio. Try to do everything else in the future equal or more than that quality. The hat is looking very nice but you could improve the wrinkles on the leather as they look a little rough Zbrush standard stroke. The machine is all good except the emission effect as it looks too plain. Try to add some white on the center with color on the borders and some glow effect. Something like this:

    The steam machine is maybe too dark, try to improve the lighting and add more rim lights to see the sillouette more. The cannon is probably the weakest piece so I would just scrap that. The humanoid robot looks cool, not so sure about the second one. The shield is maybe too simple so scrap it or try to texture it to add more detail. The two tanks look acceptable but they could always look better adding more hard surface details, lines, bolts, etc. and maybe texture them.

    Those are my visions but take them with a grain of salt. I'm also in the process of improving my portfolio so you can also give your opinion on mine if you want :) https://polycount.com/discussion/210181/looking-for-a-job-d-criticize-my-portfolio

    Wow, really nice criticism. I actually wasn't expecting anyone to respond to this post. With regards to what kind of position I would like to have, I honestly don't really care what kind of modeling position I get, I just love modeling. Though, I love modeling vehicles and props a bit more. The reason why so many of my models are untextured is because I've only recently gotten into texturing. Most of those untextured models are from my time at school. Texturing is proving to be a very big challenge for me, it's not coming to me naturally like modeling did. 

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