Post Apocalyptic Ronin

Hi PolyCounters :)
I started a new project and i wanted to take you all on my "skill-grow-trip" x-D

If you have ANY advices/blames/praises or what ever, please share it with me, 
as an aspiring artist i guess there is no better chance to grow beside other great artsists who tell each other what is wrong or what can be improoved!

This is the concept of giorgio baroni 
(to clear things up, i asked him if it is ok if i realize his concept, just in case ;) )


Current Progress:

blocked out rough shapes:

and created clothing in MD:

than i refined some of the blockouts:

 imported as new avatar, translated the stuff from the chest away and importat that as a "morph target" to get a bwetter simulated-looking cloth:


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