Lights not working as expected.

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I'm having 2 issues in 3.06 that I don't think I ran in to in 3.05

1. Lights in general don't seem to be casting shadows properly. I can have a light behind an object with shadows, ambient occlusion, and GI turned on, and the light will still cast through the object even though it's not there.

2. Spot Angle seems to be broken? I've turned off all lights and the sky lighting in my scene except for a single spot light. In previous versions I'd be able to alter the spot angle to cast the light at specific parts of the model and leave the rest in shadow (and this would work at full spot sharpness, or 0 spot sharpness), and now the spot angle doesn't seem to have an effect on the lighting of the model. It behaves exactly like an Omni light.
The Spot light does have the expected Spot angle shaping on fog objects, but the sharpness setting does not affect Fog objects either.

Width Length and Height are at 0. Rocket mode is off. And the light effects stay the same regardless of whether or not all the settings for rendering are turned on, are at maximum, or are completely off. 


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