Technical Artist - Unity 3D


RatDog Games is an indie team based out of Massachusetts. A majority of the team works remotely with schedules ranging from part time to full time. The team size ranges between 4-10 people depending on the current needs of the project.


We are looking for a technical artist with Unity 3D experience who can assist our team on a part time basis. 


The project is titled Gunnhildr, an FPS Rogue-Lite strongly influenced by Norse Mythology.

Project Overview Document:

Gunnhildr Visual Style Guide: Visual Style Guide.pdf?dl=0

Current Gameplay Video:


  • Create Visual FX in Unity  (Primarily Stylized VFX)
  • Use Photoshop and 3D tools (3DS or Maya) to build and animate objects
  • Integrate art into Unity, using Unity Tools (e.g. animation editor), plugins (e.g. NGUI, Play Maker, Smooth Moves), shaders, and script components to implement the artistic vision of the game
  • Build animated UIs in Unity from concepts and wireframes
  • Create Shaders as needed
  • Work within constraints set by the technology and target platforms (polycount limitations, texture sizes, etc.)


  • Ability to use art tools–both internal and external to Unity–to create beautiful UIs, environments, and visual FX
  • Possess a solid understanding of shaders, including knowing how to find and use them to achieve a desired effect)
  • Possess a solid understanding of modeling for limited-poly, real-time game pipelines
  • Ability and experience in working within technical constraints of game engines and editors
  • Passion for gaming
  • A desire to grow your skills and experience
  • Candidates without a portfolio WILL NOT be considered. Please include samples (or links to samples) of your work


  • Scripting experience with C#
  • Understanding of hardware rendering pipelines
  • Strong portfolio demonstrating an ability to work with a broad range of subjects and styles from realistically detailed to stylized
  • Demo reel that shows off your real-time FX 

Feel free to email [email protected] to further discuss the position

For anyone interested in more info on the project, feel free to checkout our Discord for more info on the project:

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