[Closed/Filled] 3D Modeler / Stylized Weapons & Creatures [ < 5,000 Triangles ]

Who Am I?

I an American high school student creating my own game looking for some asset creators.  :)

Who Am I Looking For/The Job?

I am looking for a wonderful artist such as yourself to help me create stylized weapons & creatures.

The weapons that need to be made are swords, daggers, and big bulky hammers, think RPG classes, rogue, knight, and tank.
Weapons that these classes would use I need to be made! 

I will also possibly need creatures/monsters to be modeled. The game engine I'm using is a bit complicated when it comes to vertex manipulation so this might fall through and you might only be making weapons...

I need the textures to be max 1024x1024 (no bump maps or specular just a baked texture)

The Style

Of course, your style is the best, but we need to draw inspiration from somewhere.
I guess the best way to describe the style I'm looking for is, hand-painted/stylized low-poly.

The Pay

Being a high school student.... *sigh*...
Lets talk and see what your rates are?

Since I'm new to the industry I don't really know the standards,
but I can pay per asset or pay per hour.

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