Rate my portfolio/work. Advice.

Hello everyone!
I have been using blender for a while already, even learned some basics of Maya for the future. I focuse my art into props and little environments scenes. Made some paid game assets for private projects, nothing too complicated.
I done some props that in my opinion are well made and ready as game assets.

My problem is that I lose all my confidence about my work when I look at other Artist work.
I would hear your opinions about my works and what's your advice to improve.
I'm looking to work in a studio in the future not as freelancer.




  • Alex Javor
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    That's a cool biplane. Have you seen anybody elses model similar to that, but  a bit better? If you composite images of them side by side it will be easy to point out thing like, "see, this other artist has more nuance in the materials in these areas, and the modeling has been taken a step further here and here... etc"

    Seems like you know what you are doing. I think to go up a level may jst be a matter of first seeing the difference between your work and the work that makes you envious, and then just committing to trying over and over until you reach that same quality level. Maybe you can even contact a prop artist whose work you admire and ask if they'd be willing to give an in depth critique of just one of your works. This can help a lot to get into the head of people who have more experience and understand the kidn of things they look for.

    check out this plane for the game War Thunder. Its got a marmoset viewer which can help a lot with  reverse engineering. I'd bet if you take the plane you got and commit several more months of work into it, you could reach this same quality. First you got to really look and spot the differences though.

    To me, the main difference between the War Thunder plane and yours is that in most regards you chose to simplify, whereas the other did not. For instance, your struts are just rectangles, but the other model has the correct shapes. Making those shapes is a challenge for sure, but committing to getting those shapes right is the difference between a professional and not.

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    Personally I'd suggest learning Max as an industry gateway for hard surface work. In my opinion pretty much indistinguishable from Blender in terms of workflow complexity, either high res cinematic or game res asset generation which from a freelancer perspective both apps really excel.


    ...but still a very basic start point quality wise with more attention to detail, especially weathering and grunge so a simple lack of subtlety would be my main crit and as an example of what I'm looking for - https://zio.artstation.com/

    via our Recently Hired In AAA Show Us Your Portfolio thread.

  • Lassiter
    Ya most of the models I would say need further development even in their complexity. The modeling side is really too simple or clunky on some. Lots of the materials are very similar and I think you would benefit from looking at props involving wood/leather.
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