Open-World Survival Game (Sci-fi)/3D Modeller & Substance Painters

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Lexi null

Looking for some people willing to work to expand their portfolio and have some fun! 
Currently in the process of looking for a n adaptive and skilled modeller to help bring characters n creatures to life.

Small Intro description to how the player ends up on a foreign planet and has to explore, tame, craft, build and work with other players to survive on a hostile yet beautifully harsh planet.

A space war is becoming heated between two dictators from separate planets over the control of one of the Seven Moons, Lupin, revolving around the Planet Ishcarus which is home to an intense mining and resource extraction program worth billions of Credits to whomever possesses its stations. Spacecraft ranging from nimble zippy ship, to one seater and all the way to mammoth craft created for the sole purpose of mass destruction move through the Void colliding with enemy forces.

A young pilot of a small, one seater spacecraft (The player’s character) is involved in a heated one vs one with another enemy pilot. Hot blue pulse-fire from both crafts small rail guns ripping through the fabric of space intent on destroying each other. The players character (Pilot71103) is hit severely on the side tearing a large hole through his/her oxygen supply storage unit. Alarm system blazing, Pilot71103 descends rapidly to evade oncoming fire, fleeing towards the nearest planet. Far from his/her Mothership he/she decides to make an emergency landing on a foreign red and green coloured planet in the vicinity hoping that it would be able to hold life.

The Pilot crash lands into its surface, after an attempting to try and lessen the impact by sliding the craft more horizontally onto the ground, before it caught on a rock and tumbled violently and coming to a sudden halt as it hits a large red rock. Pilot71103 dazed and bleeding from multiple wounds drags him/herself out from under the wreckage and slowly gets to their feet, before running away from the burning craft. Behind him/her the spacecraft smoulders and burns and just as he/she gets behind a large outcrop of surrounding red rock the wreckage explodes into a fiery orb.

Look forwards to working with you,



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