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I'm a game developer with 15 years of writing code experience, i use unity and c# almost for every game logic,
i have 2 games on play store already one of them has 70k + downloads with positive rate 3.9 stars.
i have more ideas for new games that can rule but im bad artist can barely draw or model 3d.
so all i need in this world a good artist with fair skills and we can success together.
please email or reply this post if you are interested.
thank you


  • Zizo
    I'm still searching for:
    - 2d artist (concept art and portraits) if he can draw model textures it would great.
    - 3d artist (3d low poly modeling and animating).
    the revenue of the game will be shared.
    or i can pay you percent and you get percent from the revenue.
    Please contact me if you are interested.
    together we will be awesome.

  • Zizo
    Our team is growing join us now to create amazing game
    I'm still searching for:
    - 2d artist (concept art and portraits) Able to do the hand painting.
    - more 3d artists (3d low poly modeling and animating).

    we have 2 artists so far in our team but we want to have more so we can speed up the process of our projects.
    Join our family now and have fun, learn, create and increase your revenue.. Do you accept this challenge ? contact me :smile: 
    Thank you.

  • Yagami
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