Hi Guys ! Looking for crits (Concept art Portfolio)

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Apophis polycounter lvl 4
It will be evolving quit fast in the next weeks to come but I want to know if you get the "right" feel from it ? 
Do I look professional enought ? what about the presentation ? or the quality of my art ? please feel free to tell the truth haha 



  • Jamie!
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    Jamie! polycounter lvl 7
    At first glance it's not obvious what your portfolio is aiming for.  To me it looks like you are a 3d artist who is also posting some of the sketches you do to flesh your characters out first. 

    I like the line drawings but they don't feel finished enough that they could be handed off to somebody else to start modelling from them and makes me wonder if you have the attention span to finish a piece, something you don't want an AD to be asking themselves.  The closest you have to being at that stage is Hubert who's also only half rendered.  The parts that are rendered look solid so I think you could finish pieces off, but I had to spend too much time digging into the sub pages of your portfolio to see what you can do when I should be able to tell from the main page what your talents are.  
  • lotet
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    lotet quad damage
    A nice trick you can do to gauge your art compared to professionals is to literary put it next to them.

    take a screenshot of the Artstation front page and replace some of the thumbs in there with yours.
    you could also look at a professionals Artstation page next to yours for a more detailed result. 

    to be frank your stuff right now looks about the level of a first year university student. putting "former 3D artist" in your title is probably not helping either, it only shows a lack of vision and maybe a previous career failure. 

    this is a great article for anyone that wants to improve their portfolio:
  • Apophis
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    Apophis polycounter lvl 4
    Woaw thanks you Guys !! 

    I fell like a D*** I post this thread a long time ago and completely forgot to check it for some reasons ...
    Your advices are both very helpful, Thanks you for taking the time to right them down it mean a lot for me!

    So nonetheless I've been working my portfolio out  and because I'm stupid I did a new threat to ask crits https://polycount.com/discussion/212382/concept-artist-portfolio-looking-for-critics#latest

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