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Lemi polycounter lvl 5

So me and a group of artist want to start a Game Environment project in Unreal, As individuals we all have experience in the Engine. But we never used it in a group scenario. So first of all i was wondering what to use to merge the project ( SVN, Perforce, etc) and what are you experiences with the different tools that are used in the merge. And how well does it work? 

And feel free to give us any other tips and tricks that are good to know before starting a group project in Unreal. Ty for reading :)


  • Vollgaser
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    Vollgaser polycounter lvl 6
    If you only want to merge Art assets you dont dont need source control at all.
    If you want to develop the game in a team, you need source control, ONLY use Perforce for this, everything else gives you PITA.
    For further tips and to save you hours and days of unneccessary re-work contact me directly or via discord Vollgaser#5202

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