[PAID] I'm looking for a freelance 2D character designer to hire

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I need a freelance characters designer to hire for a tabletop game. Need help to create new miniatures for a tabletop game, so if you have experience in miniatures is a nice addition but it is not a fundamental prerequisite.

Note: I don't need, at the moment, illustrator but someone capable of conceptualizing and transferring my ideas into a character and able to give a decisive artistic direction to the project.

The setting is very dark, a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, some reference can be Berserk (the manga), Warhammer 40k, the book of the new sun, fading suns (the RPG) etc. No cute manga/comics like styles but if you think your style has the right mood contact me. I'm a freelance too so I'll reply to every mail.

Please, contact me via mail francesco_antonio_pizzo[@]yahoo.com (remove brackets) with a link to your portfolio and your fee, I barely check this site so if you send PM  probably I'll do not read.
The work is not immediate, need about two or three months before the start.

 P. S. Please, not 3d artists, only 2d artists, both digital or traditional.

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