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I'm currently enrolled in the Modular Environment CGMA course and wanted to created a thread to share my work in progress. I don't have enough experience creating these types environments, along with trim sheets, which is why I decided to invest the time to learn these things. I hope you'll offer feedback, resources, opinions, etc. as I complete the course. :)

After contemplating several ideas for my scene I eventually settled on creating a small warehouse environment, specially a loading bay. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to reference that I've gathered and am continuing to collect as I go. It currently looks like this:

I spent the first week setting up the grid system in Max and creating some basic meshes that I can snap together to create my environment. These pieces aren't final in any way. Right now they're allowing me to get a feel of how the scene might come together in the engine, what works and what doesn't, what additional pieces I would like to have, etc. This is what I've initially came up with:

Currently I'm importing these meshes into Unreal and taking the first pass at blocking out my scene:


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