Various roles wanted for UE4 Sci-Fi Horror Project

The Project

As stated in the title I am looking for a variety of artist roles to help me with the production of a game concept I have been working on. It will be a scifi-horror with a slight dieselpunk appearance. The project is currently aiming to be a trailer-style cinematic showing an overview of the game's concept, however if enough roles are fulfilled I would be interested in converting this into a playable game.

All artists will be appropriately credited in the final production for their work.

For more info on the project itself, please check out its topic page here

Skills Wanted

Hard Surface modeler - To help with asset modelling to fill the scenes as much as possible. Must be able to create fully PBR textured models ready for UE4
Technical artist - For creating basic gameplay mechanics. If enough modelers are available, a technical artist will be needed to create the full game mechanics. Must be proficient in UE4 blueprinting 
Character artist + Animator - Only needed for first person view model (i.e. hands interacting with objects) and possibly legs and body as well 

Feel Free to send me an inbox or email me at [email protected]

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