[WIP] UE4 Project: Haze - Environment Art


This is my university final year project - a game concept that involves a space pilot who must search an abandoned industrial colony for a means of escaping the planet he has crashed on, which is covered by a mind-altering fog that is gradually driving the pilot insane. The player must avoid dark areas throughout the game, where things begin lurking in the shadows, that the player can hear coming closer but never see.

The idea is that the pilot is unaware that they are endlessly entering the facility, being attacked by hallucinations caused by the fog, and forgetting once again where they are. The end of the game would have the player realize this horrifying truth for themselves, before the pilot blacks out, and the game begins again.

I am working on the concept art and environments for this project, and plan to create a fly-through video of my work. However I am also interested in taking in unpaid freelancers to help me complete this as much as possible, so if you are experienced in either Prop/Environment Design, Character Design or UE4 technical art then I have jobs available!

My work so far for this project:

3D Work

Control room environment

Modular Props

Material I created for the catwalk parts

Generator room (very much WIP)

Pre-Production Work

For context, I thought I'd add some of the pre-production design work I did for reference:

Mood Boards

Concept Artwork


Agriculture Room

Exterior environment

Control Room

Generator Room


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