[Unpaid] (Game jam) My First Game Jam: Winter 2019

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hey guys I'm looking for any person that is willing to work with me on the jam, I'm a 3d modeller ( https://www.artstation.com/hector_santamaria ) I have some experience with the engine but not enough to code.

Anyway the Jam has already started but you can still join me, the theme is love so I thought it would be fun to have like one of those dating shows premise but you can actually kill your date think something like the hitman games that the sort of feel I'm going for.

I made a devblog where I went about some of the key points I want to achieve here's the devblog : https://itch.io/jam/my-first-game-ja...-let-it-happen

some of the milestones for the project.
  1. -Having a basic AI system where they transition between different states.
  2. -Completing at least a level with different execution options.
  3. -Having a distraction system for the AI.
  4. -Dialog options that you can chose from.
  5. Sound and atmosphere to the level.
if you like the idea and would like to contribute in anyway you can reach me on discord: El fideo Rubio#8764
or you can join the team in CrowdForge: https://crowdforge.io/jams/myfirstga...019/teams/3031

Thank you for reading and have a good day 
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