3d prints of our characters from Destiny


I found Polycount mentioned on a super-old reddit thread, where it was mentioned that you could find someone willing to do a 3d model for commission here. 

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing but I am trying to gather information for a small, personal project for my wedding next year. Any advice would be helpful.

The idea was that it would be really cool if for my fiance and I's cake have our characters from Destiny as a cake topper. The only real way I could see this going would be a 3D print, which would require an STL file of a 3d model. I don't have any experience with 3d modeling or creating art, but I have seen some things (specifically, an amazing little titan figure that I am not sure if i am allowed to link to because I don't own it) that make me think it is possible. 

What I am hoping for by posting this:
Is there a specific forum which would be better for this post?
Is this not the correct place for commissions like this? Do you have recommendations of where I could go to get a custom 3d printable model?
Any general advice, or questions that might help you help me?


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