3d Texture artist needed!

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Hi, me and my brother have been working on a WW2 RTS game inspired by the old Close Combat series for the last 9 months. We have the game in a solid state right now, with most of the coding done. We still have a lot of work to do, but most of it is just putting things together. We already have a 3d artist that has made most of the tanks and the German infantry. But none of them are textured or UV unwrapped, and they all have way to high of a poly count to be used in a game. So your job would be to lower their poly count to a game ready level and then texture them. We are offering 5% rev-share on the game, plus or minus depending on how much you do. I believe in total we will have around 100+ tanks and vehicles, and 30+ infantry. Let me know if your interested! This is a pretty big project, but we have been in it for a long time now and don't plan on stopping until we have a finished product! We don't expect you to spend all your free time on the game, just some nice consistent production. We are using the Unity game engine. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks! :)


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