[FINISHED] skater girl, exercise in MD -> realtime test

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A while ago I was working on an actual male character to give my folio a reason to exist and not just being pictures of pretty girls and then I saw the discount on Marvelous Designer and I thought why not

so I picked one of my anatomy exercises and turned it into this

face is actually a bit of a likeness attempt to a japanese model I didn't fully develop but I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out.

I've had a few people I trust help me with anatomy, cloth draping, zBrush extra detailing and such in the past weeks, so I managed to get the character in this state reasonably quick. So far all it's missing is a proper texture for the hoodie, a tote bag accessory (I will go back to Marvelous Designer to build it) and to go over the face/body textures one last time.

I will post a bunch of pictures of the MD simulation and the zBrush sculpt soon for the sake of completeness I guess.

see you pretty soon


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