Elf Character (WIP)

Haven't been here on a while! Started a new character about a month ago after playing some Witcher DLC and got super motivated to make a character that could fit into that world!
My plan is to create two different costumes for her: One is underwear type ( what you can find on some of the characters in the game) and one I made up myself based off of concept art and in game costumes from both Witcher 2 & 3.

For the first costume I'm pretty much done with the shapes and basic modeling! Still need to go back and work out some small lumps in her body and work on the stomach because something about it is bothering me still.
Her other costume! I'm pretty proud of this so far: I usually get super stuck making my own clothes for characters, but this one actually came pretty well. Had to do a couple passes before settling on this design. Her short gamebeson is based off of Ves's design from Witcher 2. Still need to add the buckles on the vest and a few small satches to go around her belt.
Some small details I started adding to the corset.
Her head! Easily the more daunting parts of the project. I'm feeling ok about this, but I might mess with the nose a little more because it still feels kind of basic to me.
All in all I'm feeling pretty good about this and haven't felt burnt out just yet like on my other projects!
I'll try to update at least once a week with edits, changes, and what not. 
Critique is super welcome and appreciated!! :)
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