Maya duplicate special problem

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abronee node
Hi everyone.

I am trying to duplicate this mesh with duplicate special, but for what ever reason when I duplicate with more than 1 copy, it overlaps each other, and doesn't copy proportionally along the x-asis.. does anyone know what I am doing wrong,,

Thanks in advance


  • Alex Javor
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    The screenshots are too small for me to see the important numbers. Set your screen capture to only one screen, rather than both, ootherwise is gets compressed with a big blank space.

    However, I think it looks like you have not froze the transform before applying the duplicate special. You will need to do that first.

    Also, you probably did this, but just to be sure, a good practice is to -- after freezing Xforms -- duplicate your object and move it to where you want the instances to occur, and note the transforms which you can then plug into your duplicate special tool. 

    Also, general thing but worth double checking, be sure to reset the tool before inserting your custom values.
  • abronee
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    abronee node
    I froze the transformation and duplicated the mesh to my desired position
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