[WIP] Gemini Spacecraft

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This is my Work in progress model of Gemini Spacecraft. It's still in very early phase, but I think all of the objects are roughly in place. I will now start refining them and adding more details. I will also work on the right side only. I have some stuff on the left side that I need to mirror to the right. Then in the end I will just mirror everything from right to the left.

My plan for this model is to be very high detail model. I don't use normal map except for surface details like aluminium brushing marks or little scratches, wood grain etc... Everything is modeled, including all the screws.

There are some areas of the spacecraft that don't show in any photograph so far, so my model will not be able to correctly show those areas.

I am working in Blender and final images will be rendered with Vray for blender. At some point later on I might make outer part of the spacecraft, but for now only interior.

Almost forgot, here are some reference photos for you. Remember that the Panel layout was not the same for all Gemini missions.


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